Makarand Utpat

Hero’s Journey Not Complete Without Mother

As I was growing up, we never celebrated Mother’s Day (or Father’s day for that matter, even though India is a male-dominant society)… as far as I can remember. It was not a tradition. It’s only in recent years in India, I’ve started seeing people in India celebrating events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Big appetite and appreciation for the western culture and social media, I see, are 2 biggest influences that have allowed boundaries to get merged and appreciate the norms and traditions of other cultures. On the lighter side though, looking at social media posts and timelines flooded with mother’s day messages, I hope people don’t celebrate it just for the sake of getting more “likes” :)) Joke apart, being a mother can turn out to be thankless job as we tend to take her for granted and things that she does for us. She stands like a rock of Gibraltar in our lives facing adversities all along e.g. pregnancy, child birth, inculcating us with set of values, cooking, and taking care of many little things that we wouldn’t imagine while showering us with her unwavering affection and unconditional love without expecting back in return. It’s big shoes to fill in. Many a times she doesn’t get her due share of love, respect, understanding she deserves. So, from that perspective, it’s a good idea to dedicate and celebrate Mother’s Day, recognize her endless contributions and to say that “we love you”. It’s also a great way for families to come together and have a great time over drinks, food and music entertainment. My parting thought is that, in addition to celebrities and sports icons whom we adore as the role models (nothing wrong with it… I’ve my own), let’s also not forget the real role models like our mothers and fathers (& people like them) who live in our homes and neighborhoods. Hero’s journey is certainly not complete without their contributions and influences. In my life, my mother’s and father’s contributions are vital to make me who I am as a person and I don’t take it for granted. Wishing all those beautiful mothers who have raised beautiful kids and who are raising leaders, scientists, musicians, sports stars of tomorrow (or whoever kids want to become as successful person) a very warm Mother’s Day! Have a wonderful week ahead! Stay blessed! Connect with me on social media:   Blogs:  MakarandUtpat, Blogger, Youtube Channel: MakarandUtpat, TV, Facebook Page: MakarandUtpat, Thought Leader, Amazon: MakarandUtpat, BestSellingAuthor, Instagram: @makarandutpat , Podcasts: MakarandUtpat, PodcastHost, Twitter: @makarandutpat, Medium: MakarandUtpat