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Get an Edge Over Your Competition with Social Media Ads

Get an Edge Over Your Competition with Social Media Ads

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Understanding Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click service that enables you to create ads for your business and run them online. These ads are clickable and are displayed in the search engine results when you type in relevant queries/words. Thus, the ads appear in the relevant search results and direct you to your brand’s website or landing page.

With the right keywords, you can create Google ads that cater to your target audience and inform them of your specific products and services.

Understanding Facebook Ads

Similar to Google AdWords, Facebook Ads are also paid Ads (PPC) that businesses can use to reach out to Facebook users. Given the popularity of the social media platform, having Facebook ads can really help you gain more visibility and expand your outreach.

Facebook ads are used in creating marketing campaigns with specific goals and advertising objectives.

Choosing the Right Advertising Strategy

Both Google AdWords and Facebook AdWords come with their own set of pros and cons. While both are generally effective practices to include in your marketing campaign, they each take precedence in certain aspects. For instance, Google ads give you access to a much larger audience and also offer a range of ad formats. On the other hand, Facebook ads offer greater visual appeal and an incredible ROI.

So, which format should you be using for your business? Deciding this can be quite tricky. That’s where my expertise comes in. Contact me today to learn how Facebook and Google AdWords can help your brand, and which one you should be using.

Optimizing Your Ads

Before you jump on the AdWords train, it’s important to understand how you’ll be optimizing your ads for maximum effect. Signing up for either/both ads wouldn’t really do you much good unless you also possess the knowledge to optimize these as per your requirements.

That’s what I can help you with. I’ll help you get a better grasp of advertising optimization and teach you how to tailor your AdWords to maximize profits. Get in touch with me today for more details!

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Using Google and/or Facebook ads also gives you an edge over your competition. You gain greater visibility on search engines as well as on social media, and this definitely helps increase your outreach. The chances of potential customers coming across your website and opting for your services are much higher if you use AdWords correctly. Not only that, but the ad placement also boosts your visibility and enhances your brand recognition.

Want to use Adwords to your advantage? Let’s get started today.

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J Butler Business Owner

Practical and Quite Inspiring - I came to know about Makarand’s Youtube channel through a business associate of mine. Digital Marketing always seemed daunting to me and Makarand’s videos helped me a lot. His tips are practical and quite inspiring. After watching a few of his videos, I approached Makarand to sign up for his services. I can’t believe how far I have come in the last 4 months. HUGE thanks to Makarand for his consistent support and guidance. I highly recommend him to all New Yorkers.

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