Makarand Utpat

Success vs Failure! Head vs Heart! Who Wins? 8 Lessons in the Trenches

We are all trying to achieve something in life-




Money/ Wealth,

Peace of Mind,











The scale at which we are trying to achieve these things are significantly different depending on the level we are at.

What works for you, may or may not work for me and vice versa!


Many-a-times, I see people miss the boat on that.


For example, the things that Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos are doing and the scale at which they are moving and executing is quite different than what we are trying to achieve.

To me, 3 things go hand in hand:

1)Setting own expectations

2)Understanding the scale


3)Execution to back it up.



I believe it’s crucial to keep above 3 in harmony.


Here’re my 8 lessons in the trenches after going through the hardships:

  1. Goals- Do what you feel is right. Don’t get sucked into peer pressure or group think mentality. Take risks to achieve something that you’ve never been able to achieve. Be ready to take a leap of faith and be ready to take inspired actions to move close towards your goals.

  1. Failures- Failures and success are two sides of the same coin. Failures and disappointments are going to be inevitable. Welcome the pain. Learn to enjoy it. Allow it to help you grow and help you channelize. Fail few times but then get up again.


  1. Implementation- Whatever your goals, desires, or aspirations are, it all starts with execution or implementing the ideas. Talk is cheap. Walking the talk and walking the walk is important. Ideas are of no use of not tried or implemented. There’s no substitute for work.


  1. Roots- Never forget your roots. Be proud of your progress but, at the same time, remember your roots where all it started. It will enrich your perspectives and will teach you a lot about yourself, it will expose you to who you really are.


  1. Journey- Enjoy the journey. You’ll always find somebody is better than you or ahead of you. Have humility to recognize that. Let go of that ego if you are holding onto it for any reason.

  1. Starting Points- Don’t compare yourself to others or weigh yourself in the same bucket as others since everyone’s starting points is different. Have an audacity to recognize that and respect it! You’ll save yourself from lots of agony, envy and self-inflicted conflicts and wounds.


  1. Abundance- You are an unique individual in many regards. There’s enough of abundance exists out there for you. Give your 100% 💯You’ll experience success as you start to attract right thoughts and put right amount of work. Learn to tap into that abundance and the universe will conspire you to deliver it for you.


  1. Humility- Finally, stay respectful. Remember the people who sacrificed things for you so that you can go ahead and achieve success milestones. Stay humble as you achieve your success milestones. Don’t let success go to your head and never let failure get to your heart. You’ll enjoy it longer and others will equally enjoy and share your success!


What has been your experience like?


Drop me a note below.


Happy Fri!