Makarand Utpat

What Is Facebook Business Manager and Why Do I Need It

Among the many small business owners who give up on Facebook Advertising efforts, the most cited reason is they don’t know how to set up their Business Manager page correctly. This is often the result of not having a clear objective for your ads. And, the fact is, if you are not able to work with an agency that does this day in and day out, it can be pretty overwhelming with all the different options Facebook has.

However, before you give up, I’d like to convince you that it is worth the effort and encourage you to make every effort to do it yourself. You mustn’t be in a hurry either. You need to exercise patience as you go through the process. Believe me, it will be worth it in the long run.

I am not going to teach you how to do it, because Facebook has that covered here at But I am going to encourage you to keep at it until you get it or until you are so frustrated you discover it is worth it to hire someone to accomplish this task for you.

Facebook Business Manager, very simply is a management system for your ad accounts and your ad permissions. For instance if you have a team of people that will need access to your ad account, you will need to create a Business Manager account to grant or permit these people access. I suggest that you first set up a personal Business Manager account for to experiment with the process before opening one for your business.

I have talked about the multitude of objectives one can delineate with Facebook advertising and the Business Manager is where you set these objectives. This is also the place where you select a daily budget.

In other words, you simply can’t place Facebook ads without setting up Business Manager. Since time is money, and if the digital world is not your comfort zone, it may be worth it to hire an agency to set up and manage your business page for you.

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