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Business Leader, Digital Marketing Expert, Makarand Utpat On 4 Ways To Create Content.

Inspiring digital business leader and best-selling author, Makarand Utpat talks about the different ways to create and distribute compelling content via social media, focusing on the most powerful of all – video.

Monmouth County, NJ – September 20, 2017— Makarand Utpat, digital marketing expert and best-selling author, has posted a new blog on his company website entitled, 4 Ways To Create Value With Content: Text, Podcast, Visual Content and Video.” Mr. Utpat shares statistics that small business owners will find motivating.

Utpat points out, “The mantra of major marketing companies is, “Content is king.” Today, with social media, everyone is a media company.” He continues adding, “Today, Digital Marketing is a necessity. If you want to stay relevant, you need to produce and publish the content across key social media platforms.”

According to Utpat, “The great news is that you have four ways to engage your followers and attract even more. You have text, visual content, podcasts and video.”

“The most kingly and powerful of all four mediums,” says Utpat, “is video. In fact, video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than traditional print and direct mail combined.” Utpat elaborates further, “Industry leaders are convinced that video marketing will soon be the norm. And, keep this bit of information in the forefront of your memory: videos on Facebook Business Pages increases end user engagement by 33%.” He continues adding, “Facebook is already close to dethroning YouTube as the go-to medium for the videos with daily views on FB hitting 8 Billion vs. 5 Billion on YouTube.”

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