Makarand Utpat

Sir Issac Newton’s 2 Extraordinary Lessons

Sir Issac Newton, was a great physicist and mathematician. He is best known for his laws of motion and gravity.

His saying “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” has become one of the profound ones.

Per Wikipedia, the original concept was attributed to Bernard of Chartres. However, Issac Newton is the one who made it more familiar to the masses.

To me, a couple of lessons of this quote can be interpreted.

The most obvious, of course, that we are aware of, is being able to discover the truths by building on the previous discoveries.

It basically means that knowledge gain is incremental in nature. Previous generation scholars pass the baton to the next generation scholars. Next generation scholars build on that concept and take it to the next level and so on.

To me, however, this concept is not just limited to the professional sphere. It is equally applicable in personal sphere of influence which directly affects our professional sphere. Both circles influence each other in making up who we are as an individual.

So, the other interpretation I’d like to draw is about the sacrifices made by the family members, the extended family members and guidance of mentors in our childhood is one of the reasons why we, as professionals, may be successful today.

It is all part of the value chain that makes up who we are.

By saying this, I absolutely do not mean to discredit or discount the great achievements you are able to accomplish on your own. From my own experience, I have come across many people who were able to move forward in their professional careers despite not having immediate family’s support and without any solid mentorship.

So if that’s the case, more power and much respect to you!

Having said that, the more I think about the above point and the more I introspect, I find the highest level of appreciation for my family members and my early mentors.

As we were growing up, my family didn’t possess the money, resources nor they were able to provide little things. They did not bother about keeping up with joness since they were simply not able to afford anything.

I know many of you can relate to it.

In case of my early mentors, they were brilliant people and thought leaders in their own ways. Some of them simply couldn’t afford to come to USA but that didn’t let them stop in encouraging me to come to USA. When it came to fulfilling my own ambitions, they were more than enthusiastic in lending their wholehearted support.

This has remained a very valuable lesson for me.

My family members and my early mentors gave everything they got and made sure that the circumstances didn’t become the big impediment for me to come to USA.

I am sure, we know many people in our own respective social circles who have been brilliant in their own ways but, sometimes, circumstances just didn’t permit them to move forward in life. But that didn’t stop them from guiding you in achieving your goals.

As I write, I find highest level of respects for such people (in my case, my parents, my brothers, sisters, my extended family and early mentors) who were able to carve out important part of my career and for making me who I am.

It is because of their sacrifices,

It is because of them allowing me to look at life as full of possibilities, I was able to excel further in my career.

They were the guiding light for me in many ways.

They made sure that I could stand on their shoulders to see farther and achieve my goals. This is another lesson I see in Sir Issac Newton’s quote. I don’t take it for granted and I count my blessings every day.

Signing off with utmost respect and utmost humility.

Wishing you the very best!