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How To Give Instagram Users What They Crave

As a business owner, the first question you probably have is, “What exactly do Instagram users crave?” The truth is that Instagram users crave the real and the true.

In other words, they crave authenticity.

And if you can hone in on the most true, real and authentic aspect of your product or service and serve that up, time after time, you can expect to eventually enjoy the kind of success many other businesses have achieved on Instagram.

I’ve reviewed some of the Best Practices in a previous blog (See 7 Instagram Strategies to Fuel Your Business Success).  Here I’m offering a couple more practices that can help you be more authentic in your posts and increase your audience of followers.

The Importance Of A User Name

 One thing that many business owners fail at is with their Instagram user name. They get too complicated and have different names across different social media.

Remember, you want a username that is simple and easy to search and one that is consistent. Most users know they can do a quick search on Instagram Explore, so the easier you make your name to find, the better.

This is one area you don’t want to change up.

According to SproutSocial article, the following best practices will help if you are consistent:

Why Wait When You Can Be Proactive

Once you’ve selected your username and you’ve ventured into Instagram land, don’t just sit back and wait to be discovered. It’s your job to make sure you get discovered.

In other words, be proactive and look for different avenues to promote your Instagram and you’ll greatly increase your chances of being discovered.

For instance, once you start making use of User Generated Content (USG) give the appropriate users a proper shout out. And, whoever participates in your campaigns be sure to tag them in your posts.

One of the most popular features on Instagram is Explore. This helps people find users or posts their own followers liked, followed or commented on. This opens a floodgate of content and you should try to get there by being where your future audience expects you.

Tag People Involved: If there’s anyone participating in your campaign, make sure to tag each individual in your posts.

Using @mentions is one of the fastest ways to increase user engagement by creating a chain reaction among friends and friends of friends to become aware of your content.

#Use Hashtags Often

 I cannot overemphasize the importance of using hashtags. This is your fastest route to getting discovered.

Hashtags also help you archive content and get involved in other topics that are trending.

Make branded hashtags an integral part of your marketing strategy and watch your brand name spread like wildfire.

Geo Locations Work In Real Time

One element of authenticity is immediacy and that brings up the importance of geo locations.

Instagram users make use of geo locations to find content tagged at specific locations. Make sure to use geo-tag features. For example, this is great for restaurants since users may be debating on where to eat.

They will look for authentic images of the food and décor by using a restaurant’s geo tag.

That’s it for now. Keep having fun.

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