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Business Leader and Non-Profit Startup Expert, Makarand Utpat on The Season of Giving.

Inspiring digital business leader and non-profit startup expert, Makarand Utpat talks about the importance of being prepared to make the most of the last quarter of the year which is when non-profits traditionally receive the bulk of their donations.

Monmouth County, NJ – November 20, 2016— Makarand Utpat, non-profit startup expert and inspirational business leader, has posted a new blog on his company website entitled, Are You Prepared to Make the Most During the Season of Giving?Mr. Utpat presents statistics to eliminate any doubt from a new non-profit organization that they should not focus on fundraising during this time of year.

Utpat states, “As any non-profit organization knows, this is the time of year when most donations come in. Typically, this is when large organizations host their fund-raising gala events and when religious organizations make their strongest bids for donations.”

“So, take note,” says Utpat, “if you are just starting your non-profit, this is probably going to be the time of year you’ll focus much of your fundraising efforts on.” He provides compelling statistics that he says, “will hopefully serve to eliminate any doubt you might have had about the tendency for donors to give more at this time of year and help you to establish your plans moving forward.”

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Makarand Utpat is a digital business leader with a track record of delivering long-lasting value and growth. Well respected by the peer community and subordinates, he has directed large-scale changes for reputed for-profit corporations and nonprofits with his combination of vision, solution oriented outlook, leadership, and technology. He is passionate about social causes and community giving. Makarand serves on the advisory boards of a number of nonprofits. He is also a blogger and a published author on leadership, team building, project management, and IT strategy. For more information, contact him at (201)-819-0894 or [email protected] or visit him at