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Apply Now! 8 Productivity Apps That Help You Run Your Business Better!

Apply Now! 8 Productivity Apps That Help You Run Your Business Better!

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In the competitive market of today’s world economy, businesses are always finding ways to outdo their competitors! So here are some apps to help you run your business better than your rivals!

ToDoist or Not ToDoist; That Is the Question!

If you ask us, we’d tell you ToDoist!

ToDoist is an app that helps make checklists, or more appropriately a ‘to-do’ list, to get their lives in order. The app already has over 10 million users so you can rest assured that it actually works!

However, ToDoist isn’t just your personal life organizer; rather, you can use to take control of your business tasks and activities. The app is smart enough to categorize your priorities based on your entries. So, let’s say you make an entry for, “Meet with Digital Marketing Expert at 4pm tomorrow #meetings” the software will interpret the task, schedule it for the next day on the given time, and file it in the ‘meetings’ folder.

It can help you manage your work affairs and stay on top of your projects. However, the best part about ToDoist is that its standard version is completely free!

Say Hello to Trello!

Trello is your ultimate project management partner!

It makes life easy and hassle-free. In fact, we would go on a limb to say that its visual interface makes project management even enjoyable!

Trello helps you categorize tasks into different sections that portray the different stages of your project. You can break down those tasks into further categories that you can later drag from one section to another as you get done with them.

The app is free for use; however, if you want to unlock premium features you can do that with a starting charge of just $9.99 per month!

Livin’ the Sweet Life with Hootsuite!

We all know how impactful social media platforms can be for businesses, especially since the number of social media users has grown exponentially in the past few years. So marketing their brand on social media has now become very popular for businesses.

However, for most businesses, especially who don’t have a special social media management team dedicated to running their social media accounts, it can be quite difficult!

With Hootsuite, that’s not the case anymore! Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management app that helps you manage all your social media accounts in one place and at once!

Now, you can update all your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other accounts from one device and Hootsuite will make sure that you don’t have to log in and log out multiple times to do the same exhausting job!

The app comes with a 30-day free trial and is only $29 per month!

Can’t Slack with Slack!

Slack is one of the fastest growing companies of all times! Currently worth seven billion dollars, Slack is a communications app that has changed the way businesses used to collaborate and function as a unit!

It’s the ultimate email alternative that also helps you share business documents and video chat with your colleagues. The app lets you connect with your team members, different departments and even customers!

Slack’s basic version is free of charge and costs no more than $12.05 per user for premium services!

The Mind-Boggling Toggl!

Time is money; you can’t afford to lose any of it! That’s why Toggl helps you track your time efficiently so you know you know spent it doing something productive. This is especially significant for individuals who freelance as they can successfully track their time on the app through any of their mobile devices. With Toggl you can keep track of the time you spend working for your clients and charge them accordingly!

This is another free-of-charge productivity app that only costs $9 monthly per user for premium usage.

HelloSign — A Signature of Success!

Aren’t you tired of signing all your legal documents? Forget legal documents, if you’re a business manager you have to sign multitudes of papers, contracts, and agreements. It can be quite painful, not to mention completely exhausting!

With HelloSign, you can say hello to hassle-free signature and good-bye to all your troubles! The app lets you sign all your documents digitally without going through the trouble of receiving documents via email, printing them, manually signing them, scanning them and emailing them back!

Now all your legally binding documents can be signed with an electronic signature with the amazing technology of HelloSign!

The app’s base plan is free for use!

‍Happier With Zapier!

Like you help your clients connect with the products and services they demand, Zapier helps two apps or platforms connect with each other that don’t automatically integrate with each other!

The cherry on top is that it can be done with minimum effort and requires no extensive coding or CRM training!

The app is compatible with more than 1000 other apps so you can rest assured that it’s work with the ones you’re using!

It comes with a 14-day free trial and starts at as low as $20 per month to make you and your business happier!

On Cloud Nine with CloudApp!

Sometimes you can’t put into words what you mean; in times like these just turn to CloudApp, screen record everything and forward it to your team to get guaranteed results! According to the app, you can save up to 56 hours per week with CloudApp!

It doesn’t matter who you’re in a conversation with; CloudApp lets you screenshot and screen record anything that you can send to your business associates, teammates and clients!

All this with a free forever usage will surely get you on cloud nine!

In Conclusion

As technology advances, productivity tools can help you run your business better and more efficiently. However, if you still feel lost in the digital world, get in touch with Makarand Utpat!

Makarand is a digital marketing expert that can walk you through the world of digital marketing with ease so you can make use of all these productivity tools without any trouble!

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