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8 Examples of Brand Influencer Marketing

From startups to multinationals, everyone can benefit from influencer marketing. It has been established as one of the most important online marketing strategies to gain the audience’s attention. A lot of A-list businesses use this marketing technique to reach a wider audience.

Influencer marketing is simply marketing a brand through Instagram influencers to reach the target audience. If you’re trying out digital marketing, don’t forget to include influencer marketing in your plan.

Wondering how it can benefit your business? Here are some examples of brands that opted for influencer marketing to increase brand reach.


Marriott is a tourism company that celebrated its one-million check-in milestone with the YouTube influencer Jeana Smith (@PrankVsPrank). The video comprised of the influencer dancing on becoming the one-millionth person to check-in the Marriott hotel. The video currently has 4 million views online.

In this video, the influencer created a video that resonated with their followers. Note that embracing the influencer’s personality is extremely important to engage the audience in their content.

Moto Mods & Moto Z Family Launch

Motorola—one of the biggest names in the mobile industry, embraced influencer marketing during the launch of Moto Z and Moto Mods smartphones.

The company targeted a young audience and studied the time they spent on social media. YouTube was considered to be the top platform where Motorola decided to target its audience.

A YouTube influencer program was developed by the agency partner Weber Shandwick including 13 top influencers to create Moto Z products’ hype on the internet. All the influencers created 13 different videos that generated 11.6 million views, 38.1 million social media impressions, and 122,000 clicks to the Moto Mods website.

The Pepsi Emoji Product Line

Pepsi wanted to increase their sales at Walgreens, for which they created a #SayItWithPepsi hashtag and released their limited edition packaging. The target audience for this campaign was the millennials; therefore, influencers with maximum millennials following were selected.

Specially-packaged Pepsi Emoji bottles were introduced that were exclusively sold at Walgreens. The purpose of the bottles was to add fun to regular summer adventures. Influencers created organic-style content, including branded videos, blog posts, and photography content.

Surprisingly, a lot of people went to Duane Reade and Walgreens stores to purchase Pepsi Emoji bottles. About 40 influencers were used to share the high-performing content on their platforms for the second stage of influencer marketing.

The #SayItWithPepsi campaign generated more than 50,000 engagements and around 46 million impressions.

BECCA Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics is one of the finest names in the beauty industry with a huge following. The brand partnered with Chrissy Teigen, a model married to John Legend, to promote the launch of their new makeup palette.

Chrissy announced the launch of the product in a video that generated about 5 million views. Although celebrity marketing is expensive, it’s an effective way of reaching millions of people with just a single video.


Audible is another famous company that included influencer marketing as a part of its marketing strategy. The company partners with influencers and celebrities all the time to sell monthly memberships for podcasts and audiobooks.

The company hired Jesse Driftwood, a photographer, to promote Audible on Instagram. Although Jesse did not have more than 100,000 followers, Audible still recognized that he had loyal and engaging followers.

The influencer created a post where he mentioned how Audible has helped him to increase his productivity and business management skills.

FIJI Water

Bernstein and Eric Johnson, trainers at Bodyworewhat, offer home workout videos to users for $35 only. In a few promotional videos about getting fit, the trainer included FIJI water bottles to highlight the importance of staying hydrated. The video further included a discount code to use for home delivery.

The video felt natural and less forced as the trainer was also promoting their products in it. The audience finds less forced content more attractive and appealing as it seems natural. It’s a great tip that other brands and influencers can use for influencer marketing.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a famous brand that often partners with travel and fashion influencers to promote its brand. CanadianBros (@CanadianBros) are often seen promoting Daniel Wellington watches. If you didn’t know them, it’s an Instagram account of Jasper and Louie, who are two cute dogs.

One might wonder how dogs can promote watches and if dog lovers are expecting such content, but to your surprise, the account has attracted a huge audience for Daniel Wellington.

If you look at this post, the dog is gazing up while the owner is adorning a Daniel Wellington watch in his hands. The caption on the image is from the dog’s perspective showing that it does not always have to be you to promote the product.

Tom’s of Maine

A brand making toiletries from natural ingredients increased its brand awareness with the help of micro-influencers. The brand wanted people to post content online while trying out their products. A snowball effect was created that attracted about 4.4 million potential customers to the brand in the first three months.

Want to Try Influencer Marketing to Gain New Customers?

Influencer marketing has appeared as one of the most effective marketing strategies to gain new customers and increase brand awareness. Word of mouth is a strong marketing trick to get people to purchase from a brand, and what’s better than an influencer with hundreds, thousands, or millions of followers recommending your brand?

If you want your digital marketing strategy to win your audience’s hearts, then the best thing is to use unique and out-of-the-box marketing tactics. Although influencer marketing is relatively new, more and more brands are using it to gain customers’ attention.

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