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12 Must-Have Features For Your e-Commerce Website

Your company must have a working website. A strong interface design will allow people to discover what they require and will provide them with all of the insights they want before reaching a purchasing option.

When creating a successful e-Commerce website, think about the elements that will set your site apart from the competitors and provide your consumers with a wonderful experience. Simply having an online presence does not imply that your company is all set for e-Commerce.

We’ve prepared a detailed list of features you can use for a successful e-Commerce website.

1. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Website

You will find more people making online purchases from their smartphones rather than their computers. Adding a mobile-friendly feature to the website will allow access to all visitors, regardless of device.

To enhance your conversion rate and keep consumers satisfied, make sure your site design is dynamically changed according to the screen size. Here are important features to consider for a mobile-friendly website:

  • Quick site loading
  • Easy navigation
  • Simple to read
  • Use HTML technology instead of Flash

2. Live Chat Feature

For bridging the communication gap between the customer and company staff, adding the live chat feature is a must-have for the website. In most cases, effectively integrated live chats boost customer service and your brand’s reputation. Potential buyers should believe that you can answer all of their inquiries.

3. Excellent Quality Videos and Images

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Adding high-quality videos and photos to your e-Commerce site will enable you to effectively showcase your services and products while improving the user experience. Take into account that large graphic sizes might cause websites to load slowly. Using picture optimization techniques may help avoid this problem.

4. Various Payment Methods

Most customers abandon the selected shopping products after checking out the limited payment options available. Make the purchase stage as simple as possible for your consumers by giving numerous online payment ways in the shopping cart. This will increase your chances of closing the transaction. Consider adding payment options like Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Credit Card payment, Debit Card payment, and Stripe payment.

5. Loyalty Program Feature

The best way to maintain your loyal customer base for a longer period is by offering a loyalty program to urge visitors to return to your e-Commerce website. Shoppers often gain exclusive or early discounts through these paid or free and premium services. Many enable consumers to earn points for each purchase that can be redeemed for various prizes, such as a percentage off or a gift. Customers may sign up for free and collect rewards that can be used to purchase items and services.

6. Wishlist Feature

You must not be overly aggressive or pushy as an e-Commerce firm because customers appreciate the convenience. If consumers believe the features they seek aren’t in your website design, they won’t return. If you allow the visitors to your online store to save their favorite products for later purchase, you will see more traffic to your website.

7. Tracking Orders

When someone makes a purchase on your website, they must be able to check the order processing and delivery status. It will not only help the customers to track their order but also help you get fewer queries for order arrival time.

8. Security Features

Cybercrimes are more common on e-Commerce websites. You must use extreme caution while handling your clients’ data and sensitive information. The SSL certificate should be a major feature of your website. It secures your website and ensures that data is transferred securely and without error. A safe site also builds client trust since they will check out the online transaction option without hesitation.

9. Filtering and Searching for Products

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Visitors do not want to browse all the web pages to find what they are looking for require search and filtering tools on e-commerce sites. If a person knows what type of product they want to look at, they may filter which subcategories they want to view. This feature makes it simpler for visitors to locate what they are searching for as quickly as possible by filtering among your items.

10. Section with Frequently Asked Questions

Since basic queries may be answered by simply viewing the frequently asked questions page, offering a FAQ feature to your site makes life easier for your firm and the visitor. It should include return policies, orders, contact information, and shipping details.

Moreover, providing solutions to commonly asked issues on your e-Commerce site helps improve your business’s credibility among site users. When customers develop confidence in a firm, they are more likely to purchase.

11. Appealing Product Descriptions

The effective product details speak straight to your customers. Additionally, rich descriptions allow visitors to see and picture themselves using the products in their everyday lives. The desire to get something significantly influences a customer’s purchase choice.

Ensure to include proper product detail to persuade your visitors that your product is worth their money and is of excellent quality.

12. Email Opt-In

If you cannot convince visitors to buy something on your site, you may get them to sign up for a newsletter. In this way, you can reach out to them with email promotions and offer forthcoming discounts and events.

If you want your website to be engaging and dynamic, make sure the web design and back-end programming are done so that the front-end is simple to use.

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