Makarand Utpat

Part 1- 10 Keys to Ignite Marketing Campaigns and Win Customers

“Make your marketing so useful that people would pay you for it.” – Jay Baer, Marketing Consultant, Speaker, and New York Times Best Selling Author of Book “Youtility”

In the article What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Marketing Trifecta, I talked about the three pillars of Marketing Trifecta or Marketing Power Trio (Market, Message, and Media) that makes the marketing work. In this article, I expand upon that. Given below are 10 valuable tips on getting that marketing trifecta (Market, Message, and Medium) succeed for you.

  1. Identify customer avatars- Know your ideal customers in terms of their demographics and psycho-graphics, theirs needs, problems, passions, and pain-points.
  2. Deploy power of specificity- It is perfectly ok to remain specific in your marketing approach in terms of reaching out to target customers.
  3. Craft meaningful messages- Generate deep understanding of your market segments and customer avatars and create meaningful messages.
  4. Respect the medium- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram,Medium, Tumblr, Snapchat (and many others) are becoming powerful channels. Utilize them properly in terms of their strengths and limitations.
  5. Do not underestimate the traditional media channels- Traditional media channels (e.g. Direct Mailing, Print Media/ Newspapers, TV, Radio) are still well and alive and can still be part of your comprehensive marketing strategy.
  6. Avoid temptation of focusing on medium first- Focus on Market first and then medium to save you time, money, and efforts.
  7. It’s not about you- If you give what customers want, then you will get what you want. Focus on providing value to customers.
  8. Go to channels where your target market is- Go to the channels where your customer communicates. Observe and gather insights.
  9. Gratify through Value Provisioning- Gratify your visitors and customers instantly and continuously by offering massive value
  10. Develop a conversion strategy- Develop a robust strategy to convert prospects into customers, customers into brand ambassadors.

In the next article, I will expand upon each one of these tips. Hope you like it and thanks for the read!