Makarand Utpat

If You’re Not Engaged in Digital Marketing You’re Missing the Digital Age

I have a question for you. Are you a dinosaur trying to do business in the digital age without the aid of digital marketing?

I know there are many folks clinging to the old-fashioned/traditional ways of marketing their businesses out there. Many businesses come kicking and screaming into digital marketing. The funny thing is, once they get comfortable and see the results they wonder why it took them so long.

I’m interested in converting as many of you marketing dinosaurs out there into digital marketing successes. Why? The answer is simple. It’s because I know the massive power of digital marketing when done correctly. Even the most reticent skeptic would be amazed.

The most important thing I’ve said so far is “I know the massive power of digital marketing when done correctly.” Don’t make the mistake so many do and just dive in without the guidance of someone who knows the ropes.

With that in mind I offer a little guidance. Here are a few things to think about as you begin your journey into digital marketing.

First of All, Set a Goal

As you most likely already know, nothing in any business will work if you don’t have a plan. Your digital marketing campaign needs to be one that is purpose driven so that it will achieve a tangible goal that you set. So, what’s your objective? Are you looking to expand your list of newsletter subscribers or prospects? Or, perhaps your goal is to move 1,000 or so units of one of your products during a digital marketing campaign. Are you familiar with the quote, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is so true with digital marketing.

Secondly, Choose Your Outlets

 Having a website does not mean you are engaged in digital marketing. It simply means you have an Internet presence. But, that presence will do nothing for you if you don’t engage in marketing that can drive people to your website. It also means nothing if your website is not mobile friendly. Yes, having a website is a must. But it’s just the beginning.

It’s important to engage your audience through multiple outlets. Which ones, though? Why not try several in the beginning. The more the merrier. Unless, of course, your product or service is so utterly specific that it doesn’t appeal to a wide demographic. The beauty of digital marketing though, is that there is so much freedom in selecting outlets and hone in on the ones that bring you the best results.

Some of the most popular outlets are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. Also, consumers get the information they want from a variety of methods, so it makes sense to expand your outlets.

Thirdly, Implement A Strategy for A Solid Organic Search

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term you’ll hear a lot in digital marketing. Consumers use search engines to find what they are looking for. And if you want to get your website show up within the first page of search results, you will need to optimize the website. This will aid in the search engines by identifying what your site is about as well as how it is relatable to the user and what they are looking for. Implementing a strategy for a solid organic search will increase the visibility of your website, which then increases the potential for a wide variety of opportunities that can be positive.

If you would like to further explore digital marketing and discover how to integrate your marketing efforts to help your business, give my office a call.