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Goin’ Digital: Does Your Business Need Digital Marketing in 2019?

Goin’ Digital: Does Your Business Need Digital Marketing in 2019?

Until a few years ago, say the last half decade, companies still debated the relevance of digital marketing. Though many organizations the world over had already begun the transition to digital in a big way, others did not go beyond the basics. By basics we mean having a functional company website with service pages etc.

Digital Marketing in 2019

Today, it’s a different story. Sources predict an increase in the need for implementation of digital marketing strategies. This is partly due to the increasing number of people who rely largely on digital devices like tablets, phones and laptops for everything. When we say everything, we literally mean everything; entertainment, shopping, real estate, finance, research, job application, health, you name it.

It’s like television back in the 90s or the radio after the mid 20s. With so many people spending so much time over a certain medium, the scope to turn that into a business advantage is huge.

But Does My Business Really Need It? 

If you’re still asking yourself if your business requires digital marketing in 2019 the short answer is YES.

It’s Where Your Clients or Customers Are

Goin’ Digital: Does Your Business Need Digital Marketing in 2019?

Statistics show that the number of people with active mobile broadband subscriptions as well as those using the internet is steadily rising. Apart from this, individuals who use social media accounts in the US are predicted to rise within the next year. This puts the number of users within the country at almost 3 billion users.

With levels of digital traffic already so high and only due to rise, having an organizational digital presence and a digital marketing strategy makes perfect sense. Where sticking with other marketing techniques is all well and good, not dedicating resources to the digital would be extremely unwise.

People Receive the Bulk of Their Information Online

Another reason why it is important to invest in digital marketing this year if you haven’t already is due to the fact that most people get their information online. The amount of time people spend watching conventional television or listening to the radio is extremely limited compared to time spent online.

When people need information— for the most part— they Google it. If your organization specializes in something, you likely know a lot about it too.

A digital marketing strategy among other things will encompass putting out content that contains details pertaining to your business or services that may be of interest to potential clients or customers. When those looking for specific information search for stuff that relates to you, your name shows up on the Google results.

The better your SEO (Search Engine Optimizing, an important part of digital marketing) strategy, the higher up in the results your name will be. This way your company or organization as well as your services and products become exposed to potential clients and customers.

Given how extensively Google is used, not just here in the US but globally, this would be an avenue you would do well to make the best of.

Digital Marketing Can Blend CSR with Outreach

Marketing is evolving globally and it’s not just by way of the medium used for outreach and advertisement. It’s the style in which we do so. Where once it was okay to simply put out videos and audio clips full of biased praise for your products or services; today, people are smarter to see through it.

People are not only interested in your services or products but also in what your company, organization or business is about. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can blend your outreach with your PR and CSR efforts. You can use online platforms to provide people with information they may need. For instance, if you sell health products, you could always put up content relating to healthy eating and living. If you’re a micro financing bank, you can give people tips on things to consider before starting their own businesses. You get the picture.

In a sense, this allows you to do your bit for anyone who needs such information while marketing whatever you’re selling in a gentle manner. Most millennials and those who belong to generation Z (the future of your client demographic so to speak), are far more responsive to a blend of PR, CSR and outreach like only digital marketing allows.

Your Competition is Already Doing It

Goin’ Digital: Does Your Business Need Digital Marketing in 2019?

Let’s face it. The number of businesses competing today who lack a digital presence altogether is extremely low. In the US, this is almost unheard of – unless of course, being offline relates to your USP!

If that isn’t the case, chances are your competition is already dedicating resources to digital marketing and developing strategies to further their efforts. Not doing the same leaves the playing field uneven to say the least. Even if your products or services are better, you competitions digital marketing efforts and your lack of online exposure will hurt your business.

Remember, digital marketing is not a trend— where advertising and outreach goes— it is pretty much the dominant medium!

It’s Convenient and Inexpensive if You’re Smart

So you’ve already got more than half the population online. You’ve also got a growing number of customers and clients who are extremely integrated with digital technology. Digital marketing in 2019 is probably the most convenient way to go. This is not just for you but for your customers and clients. Most people find it easier to do things using apps on their phones.

If you’re a company that allows for the same, chances are they will use your products and services more than anyone else’s. What’s better is that the process of digital marketing compared to older more redundant means is relatively inexpensive.

In Conclusion

It makes less sense not to invest in digital marketing in 2019. If you’re someone who has in the previous year and still is but does not see results, rework your digital marketing strategies.

What we will say is that in the world today, if you want to put your business out there, digital marketing is absolutely essential.

If you require support with your digital marketing you have specialists who can help streamline the process. Makarand Utpat offers expert guidance to clients relating to digital marketing.

He applies years of successful industry experience to help his clients formulate and execute effective digital marketing strategies. If you’re located in the US and have more questions, you can always connect with him.

Strike while the iron is hot, and if you haven’t already, make digital marketing a part of your business outreach strategy!