Makarand Utpat

Get Personal and Be Content if Your Content Builds Relationships

Digital marketing is like an octopus with many arms each of which reaches out to touch your audience in a variety of ways. Each limb of your marketing efforts will either touch a different targeted demographic or serve to nurture various markets by adopting followers. You may have heard the term “content marketing” bandied about. What content marketing is all about is developing interesting, relevant, compelling content that people will look forward to reading on a regular basis. You may not get immediate conversion to customers. However, if you develop interesting content, over time you will develop loyal relationships. These followers may eventually become paying customers or they may send other people to your site. But they will come back time, and time again to read what you have to say because you are adding value in some way. The big mystery is in how to develop this compelling content. Remember that we humans love stories – the more personal the better. So, if you can develop content that is relevant to your industry, though it doesn’t have to be linearly relevant, and make it personal you have at least a chance of standing out among the denizens of the digital landscape. Each time you post content on a website or on a twitter feed, ask yourself, is this content different than anything else out there? If you have a personal story, it will have to be different because no two people have identical experiences. And for certain, no two people perceive their experiences identically. So, before you launch into filling your website with blogs just to fill space, give them some personality in the form of relevant personal experiences. You’ll be well on your way to capturing attention and building relationships.