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Diving Into The Human Element of Digital Marketing

Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t mention the lack of human interaction that occurs as our world becomes more and more addicted to digital devices. Experts on leadership encourage more human interaction for fear that when tragic events occur in the world those who are not on the firing line don’t actually get to hear or feel the pain those who are there feel. I have to vigorously disagree with that perspective.

I believe that because of our digital devices, and our ability to use them in a multitude of ways, we are able to be in more places at once and see, hear and feel the agony (or ecstasy) of events even though we are not actually at the event. Social media brings the world together in ways it has never been able to come together before.

This brings me to the human element of digital marketing.

I’ve talked about the importance of rich, relevant content on a regular basis. Now, how do you make your content relevant?

There is no way to create relevant content without consideration of the human element of your followers. Your social media marketing is all about serving your followers/customers. It is not the other way around. They are not there to serve you. You are there to serve them. And, you must serve them in a more meaningful way than your competitors in order to maintain your relationship with them.

You have to know what motivates certain groups of individuals in order to relate to them in a meaningful way. You must ask and know why people spend money and why would they spend in on your product or service instead of your competitors. You must also consider how your potential customers feel as they are going through the process. And you must want to know how you can we make their lives easier.

As your marketing expands and your customers start coming to you from around the world, you then have to consider all of the above from the perspective of different cultures. In my opinion, digital marketing and the digital world in general is making us more human. We may not be interacting in the same way our grandparents did, but I doubt they would really want us to. After all, our job is to evolve. Digital communication is closing cultural gaps in every aspect of society.

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