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Business Leader and Non-Profit Startup Expert, Makarand Utpat, Urges Positive Outlook.

Inspiring digital business leader and non-profit startup expert, Makarand Utpat focuses on the necessity of continuously having a positive outlook in order to manifest positive outcomes in any endeavor be it non-profit startup, workplace, family or social situation.

Monmouth County, New Jersey – September 28, 2016— Makarand Utpat, non-profit startup expert and inspirational business leader, has posted a new article on his company website entitled, Non-Profit Startups: Positive Outlook Required for Positive Outcomes. Non-profits are by nature designed for positive contributions to the community. However they do not arrive on the scene without the guidance of someone with a positive outlook as Mr. Utpat points out.

Utpat writes, “It has been said over and over again that our perception is our reality.” “What this means,” he adds, “is that how we see the world is how our world appears to be to us. It doesn’t mean that what we perceive is true it just means it appears to be true to us at the moment.”

Utpat acknowledges, “I am a proponent of maintaining a positive outlook in every circumstance. It is especially important when undertaking the launch of a non-profit organization. I understand and believe that perceiving the positive aspects of every situation allows for positive outcomes, no matter how adverse situations may seem at any given moment.” He adds, “And those moments are sure to arise when launching any non-profit organization.”

According to Utpat, “Unless you’re a mathematician whose entire focus is on tackling and solving mathematical problems, you probably see difficult things that come up in your life as “problems.” “When you see difficulties as problems,” he says, “the tendency is to worry. As Webster’s defines it, a problem is something that is a “source of perplexity, distress or vexation.” It causes a feeling of not liking or not wanting to do something. A problem is something that many people try to deny exists and just wish would go away.”

“On the other hand,” writes Utpat, “a challenge is something one rises to; something one faces and overcomes with courage, tenacity, strength and persistence. A challenge is stimulating, not paralyzing like a ‘problem’.”

Utpat writes, “In any organization be it the workplace or volunteer supported, the family and even social settings, the difference in perceiving events as problems or challenges can be the determining factor between success and failure.”

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Makarand Utpat is a digital business leader with a track record of delivering long-lasting value and growth. Well respected by the peer community and subordinates, he has directed large-scale changes for reputed for-profit corporations and nonprofits with his combination of vision, solution oriented outlook, leadership, and technology. He is passionate about social causes and community giving. Makarand serves on the advisory boards of a number of nonprofits. He is also a blogger and a published author on leadership, team building, project management, and IT strategy. For more information, contact him at (201)-819-0894 or [email protected] or visit him at