Makarand Utpat

4 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

Digital marketing provides a business with a variety of avenues to explore in order to attract more customers to the business. Business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers want to explore all the possible ways in which they can drive more traffic towards their business.

You want to generate more revenue, get more customers onboard and you want to improve the conversion rates.
You want to learn how they can get more and more customers to find them through Google searches.

These are all very important aspects which need to be considered through their digital marketing and a successful digital marketing strategy does not come without its own challenges. Here are some of the common digital marketing problems and their solutions.

Diving Head First Without Looking

One of the most common digital marketing problems is that many businesses go into it blindly without any regard to their approach or any strategy guiding them. They chase digital marketing tactics without any regard for the who, what, where and why. As a result, their marketing strategy does not produce desired results and makes a little headway.

Instead of just trying to wing it, you will find that you have a better chance dealing with by just opening up your eyes and minds. If you’re handling the digital marketing strategy, you should make it a point to keep a check on how your successful competitors are operating their digital media strategy, look for key aspects which will be relevant for your business.

With a better informed approach to digital marketing strategies, you will be able to formulate a better marketing strategy that can help boost your traffic and be visible to more relevant customers.

The Matter of Inconsistency

A lot of businesses take on their digital marketing very passively, almost like an afterthought that they should make a post every now and then. Businesses do not participate in their digital marketing consistently and if there is one key factor, it is consistency. When there is no proper stream of content being provided to the customers, businesses lose their chance to create a proper following and thus, fail to make a greater impact.

Having said that, the solution is fairly easy to implement. You should make it a point to provide content on a consistent basis. You need to establish the goals of what type of content to create and how you will produce and publish it. It will allow you to attract leads and grow your customer base.

By setting aside a plan and resources, you will find that you can easily overcome this challenge.

Deciding Whose Responsibility Is It

Deciding Who’s Responsibility is it

Accountability is yet another challenge. As you develop your marketing strategy, come up with resource plan and responsibilities. You will run into a whole lot of issues since nobody is sure of who is supposed to be responsible for it. Putting a single person responsible for entire marketing strategy is never a good idea. Of course, it will be dependent on the size of your business. You can have a person in-charge of marketing strategy for easy decision making but having a single person handle all the tasks becomes problematic.

With a more focused approach to your digital marketing efforts, you will find that the combined resources and efforts to work as a team will help a lot. In fact, the collaboration between different groups or different members should be encouraged. It will make your marketing efforts more informed.

Lack of Personal Touch

Another common challenge is lack of real human touch. Digital marketing is all about making a personal connections. It is about making people realize that they are dealing with real people.

The solution is very simple: Part of the content that you provide to your customers should also include the faces behind the brand. Thing such as people behind business projects, executive team, their hobbies, passion etc. The improvement in engagement will be notable. You will make your business, your brand more relatable to your customer base.

Final Thoughts

The world has entered a digital age. Your customers are more savvy and educated. Social media and digital marketing is about keeping it relevant, authentic and relatable. Accountability, winging your strategy, consistency and human touch are important aspects. Make sure you overcome it by working proactively.