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3 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Follow in 2021

Twenty years into the new millennium; humankind is moving more and more towards the digital realm in every aspect of life. Traditional methods of marketing have taken the passenger seat and given it up to digital marketing. Brands and businesses nowadays are trying to improve the ways in which they can reach out to their customers and potential customers through digital marketing across a wide variety of platforms.

With every passing day, the digital marketing world is seeing evolution. People now have much shorter attention spans and even lesser patience. It makes it harder and harder for marketers to be successful in their endeavors to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. If you are wondering how you can grab the attention of users, here are 3 digital marketing trends you should follow in 2021.

Ephemeral Content

In the changing world of marketing, there are more and more terms coming up that marketers should be aware of. One such term is ‘ephemeral’ content. This is one of the digital marketing trends you should follow in 2021 that you should be following if you want to make your business successful.

The advent of Snapchat brought about the existence of ephemeral content. It is basically any content which is not permanent. While there is the idea and focus which is assigned (and should be assigned) towards creating content that is timeless and engages users over a period of time, ephemeral content is on the rise. It wasn’t long before Instagram stories were invented, and although they don’t disappear immediately after being viewed, the idea is the same.

One of the reasons why ephemeral content is a digital marketing trend you should follow in 2021 is that it allows brands to be their most authentic self. It helps in the aspect of social media storytelling in a high quality manner, without having to add too much to the permanent content. The second reason why it’s an important digital marketing trend you should follow in 2021 is that it’s been integrated by major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram; it appears on top of the newsfeed.

It immediately catches user’s attention and is more accessible for your followers.

Chatbots Are The Future

Advancing technology has allowed us to improve AI and improved AI has allowed us to make chatbots more effective. They are no longer the obviously robotic programs that they used to be. They are much better at imitating real human interaction and when it comes to customer service, they are the key to making customer service an easier affair. This is a digital marketing trend you should follow in 2021 because it allows your customers to have their problems solved without having to wait around for a representative from your company to free up and talk to them.

A lot of companies have implemented chatbots on their websites to augment the customer service representatives and the results have been astounding for the most part. By improving the reaction time between brands and customers, they cater to the impatient user of today and that too in a manner that feels like a human interacting with them on the other end.

Another reason why chatbots are a digital marketing trend you should follow in 2021 is that they are seeing more and more improvement every day. While they might not be perfect just yet, they are becoming more efficient in dealing with customer queries with improved efficiency and that leaves the human customer representatives to deal with more sophisticated issues only. There might just come a time where advanced AI might be producing content as well. Who knows?

Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing is not something that can be considered new anymore, it is still an important factor in the world of marketing. It is one of the digital marketing trends you should follow in 2021 because there is just so much more in the realm of influencer marketing which can be capitalized on by businesses all over the world across different industries.

The fact that influencer marketing has become such a popular phenomena tends to bring in the question of authenticity of the influencers. The only reason why influencer marketing is sought after so much is because it provides brands with authentic following. They want more engagement with their brands and they will seek out the authentic influencers.

Another reason why influencer marketing is a digital marketing trend you should follow in 2021 is that with the popularity of the trend, influencers are also becoming more selective about who they work with. They want to produce authentic content for their followers and keep them engaged. If they are marketing a brand that is not producing the kind of content their followers will engage with, they risk losing their credibility among their followers. Influencer marketing is not a new thing but it is definitely evolving into a much better avenue for digital marketing and it will remain a digital marketing trend you should follow in 2021 (and beyond).

*Bonus Digital Marketing Trend You Should Follow in 2021

There is another digital marketing trend that deserves mention. The use of AR (Augmented Reality) is increasing with mobile phones now advancing so much that they can support it.

Apple really set a new benchmark when it unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone X and made the experience of AR suddenly much more accessible. Today, other smartphone giants like Samsung and Huawei have also integrated AI chips into their products. Modern AI chips can perform 5 trillion tasks in a matter of seconds, while using less power.

Smartphones with AI have features like Augment Reality and Face ID. The applications users use to improve the quality of their photos rely on AI functions.

Many famous furniture brand has found good use of the AR technology by developing an app which allows the users to essentially place the furniture in their home before making the purchase to see how it will look beforehand.

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