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What is an Integrated Marketing Campaign, and How Can it Benefit Your Brand?

Business organizations are rapidly discovering newer ways to convey their message to their target audience. There are thousands of platforms that can be used as effective mediums to build a brand’s name. But many companies still fail to attract the right kind of customers despite employing all marketing tools at their disposal. This problem occurs when a company’s marketing campaign is not well-integrated. So what is an integrated marketing campaign, and how does it work?

Integrated Marketing Campaign

An integrated marketing campaign consists of a combination of tools and channels; all used to convey the same message to the target market. A company can use a variety of digital marketing mediums promotion, depending on the need of each market segment. Any incoherence in your brand’s message will disturb the unanimity of your marketing campaign and result in a lower ROI on the promotional budget. From sales to trade promotions to branding, every aspect of a campaign has to be aligned in terms of goals. When executed successfully, an integrated marketing campaign can help a company leave all its market competitors behind. Here are some tips on launching a well-integrated marketing campaign.

Tips for Execution

1. Associate a Story  

The most successful brands of any industry link their company’s foundation to a story. This story draws a familiar picture in the minds of consumers and helps them relate to the organization. The more engaging your brand’s story will be, the higher will be your brand recall. Ensure that your brand’s story is conveyed through each physical and digital marketing channel so the audience associates relevance with your company’s name. And if you need some to come up with a compelling story for your brand, take the help of Makarand Utpat’s marketing expertise and build your brand up the right way.

2. Research About Your Buyers

To understand your potential customers, followers, and digital audience, you must conduct thorough marketing research. It can help you identify the most lucrative mediums to promote your brand’s message and make the most out of your digital marketing budget.

3. Link the Channels Together

It is very important to create a connection between the channels you use for marketing. For example, you can offer incentives to your followers on Facebook if they sign up for a newsletter via email. You can also sort your audience based on their location and then contact them via direct mail when needed. Strategies like these will help you measure your brand’s reach in each geographical segment of the market.

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4. Communicate Continuously

Most companies make the mistake of reaching out to their audience only when launching a new campaign. The time between these campaigns can vary from weeks to months at times. Competitors can use this timeline to their advantage and fill the gap left behind by your company. Other companies can convert your existing customers if you do not maintain continuous communication with them. This is why Makarand Utpat recommends his clients stay in touch with their current customers around the year. You can do so by sending texts, posting on your social media platforms, or sending out weekly newsletters. All of these tactics will refresh your brand’s image in the customers’ minds increase customer retention.

5. Change your Strategies with Markets

For earning the desired returns on your marketing investment, you need to shape your strategies according to the evolving market landscape. Use creativity and Makarand Utpat’s advice to keep up with the marketing trends in your related market.

6. Integrate the Call to Action

Some communication mediums require a subtle call to action, while others require a direct message. And if you are using more than one marketing platform to generate leads, you should develop a call to action that delivers an integrated message. It will help avoid confusion and convert your marketing investment into sales revenue much quicker.

7. Promote Your Category

Aside from marketing for your company, you should also employ resources to promote your category. This is the main secret behind the success of many industry pioneers. When your audience realizes the significance of your category’s offerings, the market size will grow, and so will your share in it.

8. Spread Awareness Amongst Your Potential Customers

When selling a technical product, you need to work on increasing awareness about its features. Educational content can drive up your follower numbers substantially and grow your market organically.

9. Integrate the Methods of Evaluation

When the result of a marketing campaign is evaluated, you need to incorporate all mediums together. Compare the goals you set for each medium and determine which one proved to be the most lucrative. This strategy will help you determine which platforms are worth the investment and which are irrelevant for your industry.

10. Expand Gradually

The process of executing an integrated marketing campaign can be exhausting as well as confusing for a newly-established company. Using multiple promotional platforms to reach your audience can be an overwhelming task for inexperienced marketers. This is why new entrepreneurs need to start from limited marketing mediums and then expand according to demands. For example, use one social media platform, along with direct mail and trade promotion. And then use your network from these three sources to gain more reach in the future. It will make revenue reporting and sales projections easier and clarify your company’s marketing goals further.

11. Use Automation Tools

Depending on your company’s budget, you should invest in innovative automation tools that simplify marketing operations. Integration becomes easier when reports are generated via automation and errors are minimized.

Makarand Utpat can help your business organization find the best digital marketing tools that fit your promotional budget. With his expert advice and helpful guidance, you can execute an ultimately successful integrated marketing campaign in any market. Click here to learn more about his services.