Makarand Utpat

What Do You See for the Future of Your Budding Non-Profit?

Can you see what the future looks like for the non-profit organization you are just dreaming into existence? If you can clearly envision the non-profit chugging along, getting stronger step-by-step, then there’s a good chance your organization will grow to be strong and vital.

The vision of its leader is what carries, motivates and inspires the passion of everyone involved in non-profit organizations. From the first partners to the first volunteers, from the first donors to the first Board Members, from the first obstacle and first victory and seeing success at overcoming every challenge along the way, it is the leader’s responsibility to see these things before they ever happen. In other words, believing is seeing.

Seeing success in your imagination draws success to you. That’s true whether you are starting a non-profit organization, a family or a baseball team!

A non-profit organization is generally comprised in the earliest stages of people who share a passion for a needed community program or service. Typically, everyone involved in the launch of this new creation volunteers their time and expertise to bring it to life. More often than not the fledgling organization is short on cash and long on well-intentioned suggestions from those who want success but don’t have the vision.

To lead your non-profit to success you must remain open to suggestions, yet firm in knowing which suggestions will nurture in the direction you want to go or will send it off in a completely different direction. If you’re in the midst of deciding whether or not to start a non-profit and could use some guidance and insight, give my office a call.