Makarand Utpat

The Importance of 3Cs in Life- Choice, Chance and Change!

Life is all about taking bull by the horn. If we don’t do it, it just passes us by.


I was like that. I was reactive and I let the change dictate me rather than me steering the change. There were number of reasons such as I was supporting my wife’s education, job provided safety net, kids were small, comfy feeling of paycheck coming in every 2 weeks.


Do you correlate to me?


Things are different now.

I learned the 3Cs and its importance- Choice, Chance and Change!

We must make the choice and take the chance if you want anything in life to change.

It has transformed my life for the better.

Change doesn’t come to those who wait and simply wish that things will change for better. Even if you are on the fast track but sit idle, you’ll go nowhere. In fact, you’ll get run over by the train :))


Knowing what to do isn’t same as actually doing it.


Life is about making choices and taking chances. Whether we know it or not, we already ‘ve our own philosophy. It’s rooted in little choices we make every day.


Choices determine what we take on and what we intend to do. Habits keeps us going on those choices after all the fizz is gone. The more I think the more I believe that taking chances or taking risks is equally important.


As Peter Drucker famously said “when we see a successful person or a successful business, it’s because someone took a chance.”


Little efforts done consistently produce huge outcomes over time. Our long-term success is the direct result of what we achieve every day.


Only we can define what success means to us. So think about what’s important to you, what motivates you, what is your passion, what little things excite you. Block half a day just for yourself void of any distractions and do clear introspection.


I guarantee you that it will be change the perspectives you have towards life, career and your loved ones.


Overall, here are 10 things that I’ve been following to to make the most of 3 Cs:

  1. Make choices
  2. Take chances
  3. Bet on your strengths
  4. Rekindle what you’re passionate about and go after it
  5. Stay away from negative people
  6. Take calculated risks and have a leap of faith
  7. Make mistakes
  8. Fail few times
  9. Bounce back from failures
  10. Win


Time and again, highly successful people have shown that. Let’s try to take a page from their book.


Let me now what has been your experience like?

How do you deal with 3Cs?

Drop me a note below. Blessings!