Makarand Utpat

Give Yourself these 4 Powerful Permissions to Succeed and to be Happy

Give Yourself these 4 Powerful Permissions to Succeed and to be Happy

All of us are trying to achieve happiness in some form of another. The definition of happiness varies from person to person. For example, some of us want to earn more money, some want to achieve peace of mind, some want to become healthy, some of us want to have better relationships, some want to achieve our well-being and fulfill our ambitions etc.

Humans have shown a surprising resilience when it comes to overcoming the challenges and obstacles. Despite facing their worst fears, they have showed how to conquer it and how to come out ahead as the winners.

It is all a matter of putting your mind to it.

It comes down to expanding our views and our constraints so that we can see better and bigger.

The key lies in aiming high, having a vision and then reverse engineering yourself to get there by approaching the tasks with a disciplined mindset and by taking consistent actions.

In order to apply, you first have to learn why it’s necessary to no longer remain shy of accepting and facing the new challenges.

A lot of people get anxious or paralyzed when they start thinking how they will get judged by the others and what if they fail.

It’s an attitude which limits our abilities and come to think about it, is toxic.


When you create the mindset of “trying, experimenting, taking risks and failing fast”, it allows you to explore your inner potential.

Successful people still do them anyways because they know that as long as they enjoy it, they can continue to work hard and can get better at it.

In order to know whether or not you’re good at something, you have to try it first, right?

This is why it’s necessary to develop “I’ll try it. If I fail, so what?” mindset.

Challenges come in all sorts of forms, sizes and shapes. I am outlining 4 permissions you need to give yourself today to succeed.

1. Give Yourself Permission to Engage with New People

Actively look forward to talking to or interacting with the people with whom you’ve never interacted with before.

Embrace it.

At first, this thought may sound like a foreign territory. Go ahead and approach the conversations with broad and open mindset.

These interactions or conversations will teach you a lot about yourself, about the people you are interacting with and about your own thoughts and beliefs.

It will stimulate a sense of creativity that you might not have previously explored.

2. Give Yourself Permission to Stop Looking for Justifications

Stop looking to justify everything that you do.

If there’s this cool new hobby that you would like to take up on (that might come as a surprise to others) and if you’re asked why you’re doing it, you do not have to explain it to others.

The real thing to consider is does it really matter if you are good at it or not?

For instance, if you find out that you’re not good, you know that you at least tried something new and learned something you did not know before, right?

You’re trying to have fun, not attain ultimate mastery over something.

Remember that, it’s about enjoying the experience of trying new things. Not about becoming a critically acclaimed individual in a new profession.

3. Give Yourself Permission to Try Out New Things

You know that you are not naturally gifted in every little thing that you handle or try out. In fact, successful people are good at doing 1 or 2 things exceptionally well.

That does not mean you should not try it out nor you can’t improve. Give yourself a permission to get out of your comfort zone.

At first, you may be miserable but if it’s something you really enjoy doing it or develop passion for, you can keep improving until you get better at it.

Do not get intimidated by others on what if they start judging you or if you yourself are creating self-imposed limitations on your capabilities.

It’s trivial and irrelevant.

4. Give Yourself Permission to Visualize

You cannot achieve big things in life if you constantly keep limiting yourself.

We are so conditioned over the years of accumulated beliefs and experiences we have acquired over lifetime that we create boundaries for ourselves and don’t decide to come out of it.

If you are going on a new adventure, trying out a new project or taking on an exceptional new challenge, it will always begin with a certain dream and visualizing it.

You cannot achieve big things in your life if you constantly keep limiting yourself.

Allow yourself to think big. The higher you aim, the bigger your goals will be.

Having said that, a word of advice, there should not be a disconnect with dreaming and acting on it. Unless you take actions and unless you execute it, you never know if you need to make changes in your path to achieve those dreams. Otherwise, your goals, dreams and aspirations will just be without any legs.

Even if you never manage to achieve the ultimate goals, you will still end up somewhere incredibly high. Your dreams are the most important part of your creative self (backed up with consistent actions and discipline).

Final Thoughts

Our brain is naturally wired for negativity and defense mechanisms of fear and taking risks. Give yourself a permission to try out new things, breaking your own barriers and going beyond the self-imposed limitations.

Instead of constantly judging others or having the fear of getting judged by others, compete with yourself. Don’t fall yourself into the trap of doing things to please others. Don’t waste time in trivial things or irrelevant matters. Focus on things that will help shape your future.

Try to become a better version of you on daily basis. It is by becoming a better version of yourself, you will become content and be happy. Go out there and reach for greatness because it’s there for a grab and you have a permission to become great at what you want to become great at.

Finally, just in case, if you are still looking for a permission, you have my permission to succeed. Now, go ahead and just do it!