Makarand Utpat

Don’t Worry About Overexposure In Social Media Marketing

If we humans have learned anything over the eons, it is that repetition is critical to success in most aspects of our lives. From learning how to walk and talk to mastering any sport, musical instrument or career, repetition is the key.

The same is true when it comes to social media marketing. Actually it works with traditional marketing too. Remember when you would see the same TV commercial so many times you thought you were sick of it? Then you found yourself purchasing the very thing that was being advertised.

According to, “It is a well-established fact that more exposure to something increases our liking for it, regardless of how good it actually is. Psychologists have coined the term “familiarity principle” or “the mere-exposure effect” to describe this phenomenon.” (

Repeat Yourself Often

Repeating content across all social media platforms is one of the keys to success that many business owners overlook. Some business owners think they have to have fresh content every time. They will be the ones struggling the most to create buzz and convert prospects to customers.

If you learn anything, learn this: You don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time you post something on social media. In fact, you simply cannot have too much exposure. Take the following to heart, “Recent research that analyzed more than 100 million pieces of content came to support the mere-exposure effect. The study found that sharing old pieces of content over and over again on social media can boost conversions by up to 686 percent.” (

That’s huge! But, before you start saturating the digital world with your repetitive content, pause for a moment and think about this. You’ll want to at the very least to make sure your content is appropriate to your business and your market. Think of it this way, if you are working out in the gym and repeating a movement the wrong way, you are more likely to hurt yourself instead of building the beautiful muscles you’re working so hard to acquire. Once you are comfortable with your content, let it go out into the digital world as many times as possible.


Repetition is Building Brand Awareness

The one thing any business hopes to do is build brand awareness. Remember the TV spot example from above? You didn’t know you were going to go out and buy whatever that thing was you saw advertised. You didn’t do it right away, but eventually you just did it.

Tracking ROI in social media marketing can be tricky because the relationship between brand awareness and bottom-line business results is often indirect. Depending on your product or service, you may or may not expect someone to click on your ad and buy your product on first viewing. However, over time, with you become a constant presence and soon you have built awareness for your brand. Everyone struggles to measure social media marketing ROI. Think of your marketing like exercise. Done the right way, repeatedly, you’ll eventually see the results you desire.