Makarand Utpat

3 Incredible Leadership Transformation Lessons by Tom Brady

Last week, in the AFC 2017 championship game, Pittsburg Steelers were blown awayby New England Patriots. Pats won 36-17. What a game it was! Certainly, an unprecedented win for Tom Brady and Pats. Pats became 2017 AFC champions. People can argue about whether they like Tom Brady or not but one thing is sure that New England Patriots have built a dynasty and why Tom Brady is considered as the prolific passers and one of greatest football players and QB of all time. During the post-game coverage, as Brady was talking to the reporters, one of the reporters complemented Brady on the win. To that, Brady responded, “The game did not start today at 6:40pm. It started days and months way before that.” He then went on to complement his entire team on the them coming through, rigorous practices, team chemistry etc. Brady also showed a class by paying huge respects to Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethisberger. Brady’s “The game did not start today at 6:40pm was such a sweet statement for me to hear and it got me thinking about how leaders lead, how they treat success and approach failures:

  1. Leaders Exhibit Mental Toughness- They do not quit. In 2016, Patriots lost toPeyton Manning and Denver Broncos in AFC championship game. They got knocked down and it was a discouraging loss to Brady and Patriots. But they dusted off the loss, turned the page, and regrouped again with major vigor this year. That is what leaders do. They show mental toughness and they don’t let the past dictate their future.
  2. Leaders Stay In the Game- After suffering a heartbreaking loss to NY Giants in theSuper Bowl in 2012, Brady said, “I will keep on coming to the game and keep trying. I’d rather lose than not trying”. This statement shows how leaders think and how they approach the setbacks. This is how they build character and this is what allows to them to stay in the “game” longer. They show grit by listening to their inner voice. Taking even a small action is better than do nothing scenario.
  3. Leaders Prepare Themselves- They prepare 1-day at a time, 1-game at a time. They know success is not achievable overnight. They don’t keep any false hopes or false expectations about it.  They know nothing in life is easy or free, thus, don’t complain about it. They know it takes months, in some cases, years and years of hard work, dedication, and commitment and they are ready to pay the price.

In summary, if we are expecting to achieve a major victory in our undertakings (whatever they may be) today, let’s remind ourselves that the game is not going to start today at 6:40pm. It should start months or years before that. Signing off for now with tremendous respect to Tom Brady and New England Patriots! Have a great weekend!